NeurOS Development

NeurOS makes it quick and easy to develop cognitive applications iteratively.  It supports a wide range of development approaches:

  • top-down: successively refine abstract cognitive flows down to concrete implementations
  • bottom-up: start from a simple working cognitive flow and add/rearrange modules
  • piecemeal: develop a cognitive system in pieces and combine them graphically
  • iterative: build systems through incremental refinement, with working systems at each step (with a nod to Darwin!)

A NeurOS development kit is planned for late 2016.  Contact us to be notified of availability.  The kit is expected to include:

  • Documentation
    • Getting Started Guide
    • User Guide
    • Integration Guide
    • Design Pattern/Application Notes
    • Reference Manual
  • Tutorial and demonstration videos
  • NeurOS Designer IDE
  • NeurOS Run-time system for Windows, MAC and Linux (single-process and limited multi-threading)
  • Built-in modules, including inputs/senses, outputs/actions, processing, memory, and generally useful sub-assemblies.
  • Example applications
  • Access to a NeurOS exchange for sharing components, integrations, sub-assemblies, applications, learned memory patterns