Technology for Cognitive Systems

Cognitivity develops technology to address these challenges:

  • Accelerate cognitive systems research and development
  • Advance biological cognition understanding by building working artificial cognitive systems with biologically plausible components and architectures
  • Integrate existing cognitive and related technologies
  • Build practical usable cognitive systems for a wide range of uses
  • Encourage collaboration and synergy among cognitive systems research and development efforts
With NeurOS™ you can easily:


  • Build cognitive applications by visually linking reusable NeuroBlocks™ modules into directed neural graphs
  • Run these applications on a wide range of supported platforms with scalable performance
  • Integrate external technologies, customize and extend NeurOS capabilities
  • Share cognitive applications, modules, sub-assemblies, and learned patterns
Introductory video:

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NeurOS applications can address a wide range of cognitive abilities, including perception, pattern learning and recognition, working memory, imagination, prediction, context priming, attention, abstraction, classification, associational thinking and behavior.

Explore this site to learn more, including several demonstration videos that show the breadth of NeurOS applicability.

Contact us and join the NeurOS interest community to be notified when a NeurOS/NeuroBlocks development kit becomes available, and to find out about major new capabilities as they appear.