About Us

Lee-picLee Scheffler, Founder and Principal Technologist

  • At MIT (’71,’74, EE/Computer Science, Project MAC) and Honeywell, Lee worked on Multics, the prototype research and commercial virtual memory time-sharing system.
  • At PRIME Computer, Lee led advanced development of local area networking, office automation and next-generation software system architectures.
  • At his first startup company, Constellation Software, he developed remote database query and programmatic access from Microsoft Windows™ to back-end systems.
  • At VMARK, Lee invented and led development of DataStage, the industry-leading scalable parallel data integration product. This technology led to a series of mergers, acquisitions and successor companies (Ardent, Informix, Ascential Software) where Lee served as Chief Architect and CTO, culminating with acquisition by IBM, where DataStage continues as the core technology of IBM’s Information Server product family.
  • As an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, Lee continued innovations in the data integration technology space.
  • In 2010, Lee left IBM to pursue a new passion in neural-cognitive computing, leading to the development of the NeurOS and NeuroBlocks technology.
  • Lee holds multiple patents, was a founding technical member of the Object Management Group (OMG) software standards organization, and is a member of the Boston CTO Club.

My Mantras

  • Be useful
  • Make stuff work
  • Enable others – My favorite career “trophy” is a trade journal article describing systems others built with DataStage that I never imagined!
  • “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”Stephen R. Covey
  • “All models are wrong but some are useful”George E.P. Box